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The trends of shoes

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A footwear item that is used to protect the human foot while doing the different type of activities and also to give the high comfort level to the human foot is a shoe. In the daily life the shoes are used as an item of decoration. In the old time the people use to wear the handmade shoe that is made by the leather and the skin of various animals but now days there are many companies with the huge verities of designer shoe and also they provide the different shoes for men and women.

The trend of shoe is from the ancient time but as the time changes, culture changes the trend also get changed accordingly. As the fashion shoes are the best accessories to show as there are different designs of shoes available in the market.

Types of shoes

According to trend there are different styles and wide ranges of shoes available in the market. People love to buy shoes according their style and wants, and with the huge demands there are many existing companies in the market those who provide the best services in the designer shoes. There are different types of shoes collection with the different styles; some of them are listed below:

  • Boots: boots are the type of shoes that are used and are designed for the heavy outdoor use.
  • Athletic shoes: these are the type of shoes that are meant for sports, i.e. the shoes that are only for the use of sports activities such as running, walking, and many other sports.
  • Formal shoes: formal shoes are the shoes that are used and worn for some special occasions.
  • Casual shoes: the shoes that are designed for the casual wear.

There are many companies those who provide the shoes for the animals such as dogs, cows, horses etc. they design the shoe which help their feet as well. The design of the shoe is basically depend upon the different types of activities. It is not important that the shoes to be used which they are meant for, as the cowboy boots can be used to wear in formal occasions, same way the flip-flops can be worn formally and casually.

As the trends and fashion changes the demand of the shoes are also increased, and now days there are shoes available according to the season that are known as the seasonal shoes such as the shoes for winters, the shoes for summers, the shoes for monsoon, the shoes for a rainy day.


The trend of shoes is very vast, according to the style and fashion there are the wide ranges of designer shoes available in the market. The different boy’s shoes are available which are only meant for boys and some designer shoes are available for women which are only meant for them. There are many brands and companies those helps these men and women with the best and designer shoes available in the market according to the style and trend.

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Shoes and the outdoors

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A pair of shoes is the important part of accessories and fashion indeed. The perfect dress is glitter when you wear a perfect and right pair of shoes. Shoes are categorized in all important fields of life like event, party, casual, sports etc. Selecting perfect fitting shoes for sport is not an easy task. Always wear shoes of proper fitting for sports so that no injury occurs during any game. Follow these fitting facts when purchasing a new pair of athletic shoes.


Buy athletic shoes

If possible; buy athletic shoes from an area of expertise store. The employees will give precious input on the type of shoe wanted for your sport as healthy as help with proper fitting. This pair of shoes may cost a best in price but is valuable, chiefly for shoes that are frequently worn. Aim to wear on athletic shoes after an exercises or run and at the end of the day. Your feet will be at their prime.

Socks and Heels

Always wear a pair the same type of sock that you will wear during the sports so that one does not have to face the moment of shameful if socks are opposite to one another for that sport. When the shoe is on foot, you ought to be talented to waggle freely all around the toes. The shoes should be relaxed as soon as you try them on. They should not be tight so as to the take time to wear them. After trying on the shoes always walk or run a few steps to check whether they are comfortable or not. They are supposed to be a stiff hold of the shoe to heel. The heels should not slip as you walk or run.

Comfortable shoes

Athletic shoes are collected into categories: Running, training, and walking. This comprises the shoes for hiking, jogging and exercise walking. For a walking shoe, store for the contented soft upper, good shock absorption, smooth tread, and a rocker sole planned that gives confidence the usual roll of the foot during the walking movement. The skin texture of a good jogging shoe includes cushioning, flexibility, control and constancy in the heel counter area, as well as lightness and good grip.

Outdoor sports

An outdoor shoe consists of leisure and fun activities such as hunting, fishing and boating.

Court sports

It consists of those shoes for tennis, basketball and volleyball. Most court sports necessitate the body to be in motion forward, backward and side-to-side.

As an outcome, most sports shoes used for court sports are suggested to heavy neglected.


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